Samuel Dunt


Standing for:

Ynys Môn

My key issues are:

  • Education in school & at home

  • Equal opportunities for young


  • Children's Rights

Candidate Profile


I have consistently represented the unrepresented throughout my life. The Welsh Youth Parliament is a tremendous opportunity to get the views of young people across to the government in charge. Young people need a champion — I will be that champion! There’s great division in our land; division around how we can make our country greater still. I believe that, together, we can bind Wales’ wounds! I am not afraid to take our voices to challenge the politicians in charge. Our opinions are underrated and I want to prove that they’re just as valuable — if not more valuable — than those of the adults in charge! I have been a school counsellor for the past 9 years for both my primary and secondary school years. So, during that time, I have gained a great wealth of knowledge into the issues that are closest to the hearts of young people. I have advocated the defence of children’s rights working alongside the children’s commissioner for Wales for a number of years. Why should you vote for me? Simply put it: I have the experience and the determination today to make a better tomorrow.

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