Caitlin McDonald-Curry


Standing for:

Cardiff South and Penarth

My key issues are:

  • Ensuring votes at 16

  • A say on Brexit deal

  • A fairer youth electoral system

Candidate profile:

I believe that Wales is hugely under-represented and the youth of wales are even more so, I know that I can accurately represent the voices of my peers and would really enjoyable experience. I have been both a National and an International Delegate at the European Youth Parliament which gave me experience in live debating about politics on an international level and a wider context in the political world.

My delegation to the Labour party conference this year will give me further insight into the inner workings of a party and the national political context. I also currently study politics and hope to go on to study it at university so I have a good understanding of the world of politics.

I will hold weekly online assemblies to hear the concerns of young people, I feel that this would be an effective way to hear the concerns of the many young people I would have the honour of representing. I will also hold a monthly assembly in person to hear the major concerns that young people really feel strongly about and plan how to tackle these concerns with them; I will also send my plans out by email each month.


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