Leon Cook


Standing for:

Swansea East

My key issues are:

  • Littering

  • Helping the homeless more

  • Advertising healthy food more

Candidate profile:

Hello, My name is Leon Cook and I want to stand for the young parliament for Wales. The reason why I want to stand for young parliament is to make a difference in Wales, Every time I step outside I see exceeding numbers of homeless people living on the streets in big towns such as Brecon. The BBC did some research in November 2017 and found out that there were 188 homeless people living on the streets in wales 47 more than 2016.

My second and third issue link at times because once again the BBC did some research in March 2017 and every year £3.5 million is used to clean and dispose of litter. The keep Wales Tidy conducted a survey with 22 local authorities and trunk road agencies when asked about what litter they find 90% of them said plastic drink bottles and 85% said fast food containers. These are the issues I wish to address in my hope to fix Wales. To make sure that this is what children in my school and area want I will print and laminate posters with my email attached.

Vote for me and together we can improve Wales.


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