Ameera Hussain


Standing for:

Cardiff North

My key issues are:

  • Mental health

  • Education Crisis

  • Cultural diversity

Candidate profile:

I want to be a part of the Welsh Youth National Assembly because I believe I can make a difference not just in my community and local area but throughout Cardiff. I am east to talk to as well as a good listener. Say if anyone has a problem I will approach them with an open mind and voice that problem for them. On a weekly basis I will talk to the young people to help create that friendship and bing as I believe it’s crucial so they can talk about any issues like more sensitive issues, economical issues, educational, and emotional. People should vote for me because I will make a difference and Cardiff will see the positive changes of the result of me becoming a members of the Welsh Youth Parliament.

I have lots of experience as in my primary school, Allensbank Primary, I attended a conference talking about my work in Allensbank with sensitive issues. I am trust worthy, kind, sensible and kind I will not let you down and I will change peoples view for the better, I will help people change, adjust and re-evaluate their choices and decisions.

Thank you!!! - Ameera Hussain


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