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Standing for:

Cardiff South and Penarth

My key issues are:

  • Social Mobility

  • Rise of Youth Living costs

  • Student welfare

Candidate profile:

I strongly believe that the youth of today deserve some say and choice in their future which is why I am standing for the welsh youth parliament as a voice and representation on behalf of those whose suggestions and  thoughts are not being considered.

In my school there is a wide range of students from different ethnic backgrounds to different ages  who I will be able to connect with from the same consistency in terms of consulting with them on key issues they face or believe is significant and that needs to be raised within the welsh assembly.

I am an ordinary youth from a disadvantaged backround but I have just as much determination as any other candidate to help contribute to change the lives of today’s youth in some positive way. I have the communication skills required to engage with the youth in my constituency. I also have an adequate understanding of politics as I have completed my AS level in governemnt and politics so this could perhaps be put to use.

I am also determined to help bring positive changes to what I believe is invaluable to help motivate my fellow youth members. 


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