Tomos Wyn Owen


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Access to Musical Education

  • Mental Health Services in Wales

  • Information on Post A-Level Choices

Candidate profile:

I am running for a place in the WYP, because I believe that my key issues should be discussed at a national level. Having first-hand experience with my key issues, I have insight into what needs to be done to improve services and schemes.

I will listen to young people in the area by leading talks on different topics, following into Q&A to know your feelings. I will then present these worries in parliamentary discussions.

I believe I am worthy of your vote, not only because I am capable of speaking out for my beliefs, but the beliefs of others too. When it comes to democracy, it is important tounderstand the views of others, so that a common ground can be found. I believe that I can do this, and succeed in aiding to find a solution to problems that will benefit Wales.

I volunteer as the choral director of my old Primary school, as I was not given access to a free musical education during my time there. Through this, my public speaking and leadership skills have improved dramatically, and I have watched the children flourish under my influence.


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