Scarlett Reid-Gordon


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Racism, Religious Discrimination and Bullying

  • Brexit Affecting Welsh Children's Future

  • Children's Rights in Wales

Candidate profile:

My dream job is a lawyer, and the Welsh Youth Parliament will help me achieve that. When consulting with young people to ensure their voices are heard, I will disseminate a business email. I think I would be a great Welsh Youth Parliament Member because I have positive leadership skills and I am very effective when I work.  I don't take any messing around and I can inspire, persuade and motivate others. As I am admirable with technology, I have satisfying research skills and great use of social media. I believe, I am very confident, I have good ideas and can take constructive criticism.  

People should vote for me because I'm respectful of everybody's opinion and matter.  I also have excellent debating skills and honesty is a quality of mine. I speak fluent Welsh, and so I can understand everyone equally.   If I get nominated then in my constituency, banners, and leaflets will be put up to encourage speaking up and letting everyone know about your problem. I will allow public speaking and protests.


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