Rhys Evans

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • How we treat our environment

  • Our school fundings

  • Health of elderly or homeless

Candidate profile:

You should vote for me because I have long believed that the young people of our country have been misunderstood and are being judged and therefore our education system is being ignored when there are so many bright minds in this country and I believe that I can improve that.

I am strong, passionate and enthusiastic but I believe that if our education succeeds then we'll all be strong and I can also help with that because im extremely capable of speaking to the younger generation too and I come from personal experience with people that have mental disabilities/disorders as I have a brother that is autistic and a sister that is deaf and I also believe that our environment will have a strong connection with younger minds and I also believe our health care is falling and we are ignoring those in need.

So I say again that you should vote for me for a better education system, for more voices to be heard with things like Brexit and a better future I believe in a future that is not only good but excellent. I can also communicate with people that speak Welsh too.

For a better future.


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