Beth Rhodes


Standing for:

Vale of Clwyd

My key issues are:

  • Plastic bottle reduction in Wales

  • Free parking in urban areas

  • Lockers for all High School`s

Candidate profile:

Hello, my name is Beth Rhodes living in Vale of Clwyd, year 8 of High School.

I believe I would be a good Welsh Youth Parliament Member as I have a keen interest in politics, and believe that this is how change can be made.

During a school trip to the Senedd I debated sugar tax, which sparked my interest in politics. It is important for Young People in Wales to have a voice in the Senedd . The three things that are important to me are:

1. Plastic bottle reduction: On a visit to Germany, they had facilities in supermarkets where you can return plastic bottles and get paid.  If we introduced this in Wales, we would become more eco- friendly.

2. Free parking in urban areas: In struggling areas, I think this would help people to return and spend money in local businesses.

3. Lockers for all High School Children: Research suggests there is an increasing number of back problems in Young People caused by heavy back packs.

If we introduced lockers in High School, this would help to improve everyone`s health.

I will ensure that your rights and interests are discussed and considered in the Welsh Youth Parliament.


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