Alexander Richardson


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Brexit

  • NHS

  • Policing

Candidate profile:

I want to give myself and my peers a voice.

Politics is always a subject I have been interested in and I try to spark a debate with people actively.

I feel debate is healthy as it exposes people to other opinions and can help them develop their opinions.  I feel it’s a way to give something back to my community.

I am active in my school getting other people’s political opinions and have constantly tried to keep membership up for debating clubs. I feel I should be voted for as I am pro- brexit and prioritize issues that are close to many’s hearts like home affairs. I feel many of these areas they are understaffed and need new and innovative action to enable them to fulfill their potential.

I was an active member in our schools debating club. My family has a background in dog showing which is a very competitive arena where I encounter the whole gamut of society from the very wealthy to people who are not so fortunate. During my time in saint Claire’s I was active on a public stage from choir to writing a published story.

I always research points before I defend them.


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