Natalie Wendy Hussey


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • LGBTQ+

  • Equality

  • Homlessness

Candidate profile:

In my life growing up I’ve grown in a world where young peoples voices aren’t heard, the diversity is ignored and it’s left to the “adults” and in my experience that has gotten us nowhere. So when I heard that there’s an opportunity to speak on behalf of all the young people and make a difference I was thrilled! So with my passion and enthusiasm I want to bring the light towards diversity and LGBT+ young people and bring forward their voices! I am closely involved with LGBT+ support groups for young people and I work closely with organisations so this way I will also be able to engage with them and my community to hear and take these voices and speak on behalf of them bringing light on these issues.

To vote for me is someone that wants the voices of everyone heard, someone who’s been through the system and faced a lot of the issues today, and I will do the best of my power to bring change for a better experience for others. I’m open minded, I enjoy hearing everyone’s opinions, I’m well spoken and I bring fresh ideas, I am as many say ‘ a natural leader.


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