Narisse Clarke


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Better overall education system

  • Improving overall healthcare

  • Equality and diversity

Candidate profile:

I would like to be part of the Welsh Youth Parliament as i have always wanted to be able to help people in any possible way i can and allow our country to thrive. If i am chosen i will make it fairly easy for all young people in my area to reach me through social media mainly as it's a very popular thing most people will have, I'm open to everyone's opinions and ideas on how and what they think may improve Wales.  i find it's essential that everyone's ideas and opinions are thought about thoroughly as the public should be able to help the country. I promise to be a very honest and fair member who is easy to connect to, and will always be open to the ideas of everyone.  i am starting my A-levels and find that I'm a very confident person who is also very understanding .  

As a student i find i have developed a varied amount of skills which will allow me to fight for the ideas that my area think are worthwhile. I may not be the most skilled applicant but I would thrive for what's best for the county.


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