Tazmin Watkinson


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Helping young carers

  • Welsh language

  • Health and social care

Candidate profile:

I’m currently in high school in Maes Garmon and that is a Welsh high school the only one in Flintshire that is one of the thing I’m passionate about the Welsh language I want more children to enjoy the language and want to speak it.

The main reason I want to become a part of the welsh youth parliament is because I’m a young carer, I know what it like for your voice not be heard and from that I want to make sure that the voices of the children form Wales will be heard, from all different backgrounds.

I think someone should vote for me because I know what it like to not be heard and I’m very passionate about this and i’ll try my very best to improve are future because at the end of the day the children of Wales are the future.

I have many useful skills for this role I’m confident, hard worker i’ve got good listening skills and i just really want to help people, and this is the reason I want to become a spokeswoman for the children of wales, I want more children to be exited about the future and enjoy in politics.  


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