Helen Low


Standing for:

Cardiff Central

My key issues are:

  • Voting from age 16

  • Mental health support in schools

  • Less plastic packaging

Candidate profile:

I would love to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament to let the voices of the future generation of Wales be heard.  I am passionate about fighting for what you believe in and press for change in our communities. I propose to set up a Facebook group where your ideas can be shared easily and be heard. I would also circulate an email address where I could be contacted directly.

You should vote for me as I'm a confident speaker and good listener. I stand for what I believe in but I’m always ready to take advice and learn from others. I am diligent, conscientious and hardworking and will endeavour to do all in my power to make sure you are heard. I have experience working as part of a team as I am currently a member of the Youth Led Grant Panel, where we allocate £4000 of government funding to benefit young people and volunteers in Wales. I am learning many valuable skills including working interdependently and effective decision making.

To summarise, I would be honoured to have the privilege to represent the amazing youth in our area and hopefully work together to create a better Wales.


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