Tamara Pereira

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Standing for:

Cardiff North

My key issues are:

  • Work experience

  • Mental health

  • Healthy eating and sport

Candidate profile:

As a passionate and confident speaker, I would like to be able to voice the opinions of young people through the Welsh Youth Parliament. Young people in Wales have a number of growing concerns  and I would like to be somebody who addresses these issues upfront and not hide away. Being part of the Welsh Youth Parliament would enable me to create a better future for young people.

I will always ensure I am available to consult with young people in my area and ensure that their voices are heard. I am easily accessible through social media and I am happy to communicate with young people across Cardiff in a variety of ways in order to hear their thoughts.

I believe that young people should vote for me because I am a personable individual and I can relate to issues that young people face with in today's society. I believe in social equality and therefore will treat everyone's view the same.

I am a member of Cardiff Youth Council and I have already gained  skills which will prove useful in the Welsh Youth Parliament. I have worked hard to campaign for work experience and I hope to continue that work.


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