Lois Jones

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Standing for:

Cynon Valley

My key issues are:

  • Transport In The Cynon Valley

  • Cynon Valley Health Standards

  • Educate Children On Their Health.

Candidate profile:

I think I would be a good addition to the welsh youth parliament because I will be the voice for the people in my area.

Also, I would like to be in the welsh youth parliament because I think its important for adults and children alike to listen to everyone views and take them all into consideration. I believe that everyone deserves a say, and hopefully, I will give the people in my area who may be too shy to speak for themselves a voice.

I would also like to think that I am a very fair person and will listen to others views whilst considering them. I will ensure that every person I speak to is represented through me by making tally charts, taking quotes etc. while talking to them.

I have been told by many that my organisation and people skills are relatively good and that they're rare, therefore they are the types of traits I can bring to the parliament. overall, I think I would be a good member to the team because I am confident that people can trust that I'm doing this for what I think is right not for myself.


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