Joshua Taylor


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • More youth employment opportunities

  • A good education for all

  • Young people to become healthier

Candidate profile:

I want to become a Welsh Youth Member of Parliament because I have always been interested in politics, and as a result I have decided to study it at A-level.  I have always tried helping people and have volunteered at a Autism Youth Group for two years.

I would like any young person to get in contact with me if they had any problems or suggestions, which they could ask me through my email and I would be happy to reply to the best of my abilities.

I think someone should vote for me because I am dedicated and 100% willing to get involved in anything to the highest standard.  I know what affects young people in my area because I am an average teenager with similar experiences to them and I would try to represent everyone in Torfaen.

The skills that would help me through this are my ability to understand and communicate with my peers on a wide range of issues, I am hard working and willing to give my time to this cause. Like the majority of candidates, I have limited experience. However, I am a confident and passionate speaker especially when I'm involved in college debates.             


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