Tejilen Chellapermal

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Standing for:

Vale of Clwyd

My key issues are:

  • Fitness, health and obesity

  • Behaviour in schools

  • Psychology

Candidate profile:

I am applying to become part of the Welsh youth Parliament as I believe changes need to be made, the rising problems are increasing and nothing seems to be changing therefore I want to be the one to change it.

While I am an active member of the community I see a lifestyle that should be regarded more seriously than it is, I see truancy, unhealthiness, illegal activity such as smoking and drugs and worst of all depression and anxiety in many students and adults. This needs to change and I want to create a future where these problems are resolved before they get out of hand.

If I became a youth Parliament member I would ban cigarettes and bring sniffer dogs in a few times a month, I would be more strict of those who are unwilling to learn and hurt other people’s future and provide lots of counciling for people with psychological issues. I would plan to increase the physical education someone gets and make it compulsory.

I want a future where these problems essentially don’t exist and I believe by tackling these issues we can create a better future for everyone.


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