Ansa Memon


Standing for:

Cardiff West

My key issues are:

  • Gender Inequality in Wales

  • Lack of Welsh Speakers

  • Funding Cuts for Counselling Services

Candidate profile:

I'd love to be a part of the Welsh Youth Parliament, because I believe that everyone deserves a say about what they think would make a better Wales. In the past, I have been engaged in projects such as Cardiff Against Bullying, and also Cardiff Youth Council. This is definitely a great opportunity for all young people to get involved, as well as being able to openly express their views.

My belief is that young people work best with someone they can easily communicate with, which is why I believe that going to others, and conversing with them is a great way to find out what they would like out of our country, and how they wish to go about conducting their thoughts into actions.

I would also like to think that being part of this helps not just me, but other young people who really adore Politics, and would love to find something that they can invest their interests in. Being part of such an immense organisation would just go to show that Wales can cater to the ideas of its youth, and wishes to provide a stable future for them too.


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