Naz Ismail

Naz Ismail.png

Standing for:

Cardiff West

My key issues are:

  • Welcome refugees

  • Lowering youth&adult transport costs 

  • Youth drug and alcohol use

Candidate profile:

I want to be a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament as living as a young person in today's society comes with a multitude of challenges. I am determined to make a change for us in order to make this transition into adulthood less stressful whilst also bringing joy and wellbeing to the youth of our country.

I am a confident student which allows me to approach the community and make certain that a large representation of the youth can express any concerns. I believe people should vote for me as I am a very diverse person since I go to a school with 85% of students being from different backgrounds around the word, including me, making me able to comprehend the needs of others.

I am currently the Chair of the children's advisory board for the childrens commissioner and member young peoples advisory board in partnership with UNICEF, which aims to make Cardiff and child friendly city. I am also on the Cardiff & Vale Youth health board which gives me an insight into how young people want to change the health system. I am also proud to be deputy head girl at my school. All these roles and responsibilities have shaped me to be a better, more well-rounded person and has given me the skills that are needed be a member of WYP.


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