Emma-Lee Swift

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Standing for:

Newport East

My key issues are:

  • Work experience in schools

  • More after school activies

  • Equal pay for young people

Candidate profile:

Reasons why I think I would be a good youth parliament member.

I very strong views on politics and I'm not afraid to share my opinion and how I feel Wales could be changed to benefit young people in Wales.

I also have ideas that could benefit young people in and outside the classroom such as creating more extra curricular activities and youth clubs in wales to direct young people down a beneficial path to help them in future as well as put more funding into the youth services we already have in Wales.

I also have strong views on how we could change the education system to help Welsh students learn more life skills that would not only benefit them in the workplace in later life but that also help them in day to day life.

I would include everyone in my constituency to have their voice and let it be heard as it is one of the most important things to me is everyone opinion deserves to be heard.

That is the heart of why I'm applying myself to this is because I believe in the young people of wales and I hope I can do them justice.  


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