Corey John


Standing for:

Cynon Valley

My key issues are:

  • Carbon footprint

  • Welsh NHS

  • Smoking in public

Candidate profile:

Hello, my name is Corey John, I am proud to say i'm  stepping forward as a candidate for the WYP . I strive to help wales with its carbon footprint.

I feel our carbon footprint is too much here in wales especially in big and busy cities such as Cardiff or Swansea.

To stop this we could have more walking areas which could also help health and lower obesity rates, back to my point , if you want to also help manage our carbon footprint let me speak for you and vote for me.

I would like to introduce my second point to you, the NHS, I believe the NHS tricky time this is because obesity is rising so beds are filling up with people who need heart transplants as their hearts for instance have failed because of sugar , we should put advertisement that will persuade people to cut down on sugar.

And my final point smoking, smoking has taken the lives of thousands in wales because tobacco smoke is in the air to stop this we could have a smoke zone for smokers therefore less people will lose their lives, if you think my points are valid vote for me now.


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