Aaliyah Charles


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Get your voice heared

  • Bullying

  • Mental health

Candidate profile:

I want to be voted as WMYP for Caerphilly.  I will be a good representative. I’m a very confident and approachable person; I have a lot of experience of representing young people and getting their voices heard on issues which matter to them though my experiences on the Youth Forum.  It would be an amazing opportunity for me to be your WMYP. I would love to take this opportunity because I really think I can help.

Important issues:

Your voice.

It is really important for young people to get their voices heard, everyone ‘s opinions count. Children’s voices depend on the future


Bullying has been a really important project this year in Caerphilly. We have done a campaign to tell people not to be bystanders, making a bullying booklet and a comic.

Mental health

Last year I campaigned for better mental health of young people. We made a play that we performed to young people and professionals. We made a leaflet and songs.

I want to help people get their voices heard by getting them to come to Forum and involve schools in the borough online and visit youth clubs. I really want this opportunity, vote for me please!


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