James Alexander


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Childrens voices not being heard

  • Lack of support for children

  • Lack of opportunities for children

Candidate profile:

I would like to become a Youth Parliament Member, Because I feel the need for change in our Local and Wider Communities, I feel that there is a lack of understanding for some in our local areas.

Using my School to my Ability I can call for meetings or I can use my Strong relationships with my Teachers to help me reach my younger and older Peers. I believe I should be voted for on the basis that I won’t give up easily, I am Strong Minded in Certain areas of Opinion and can use my Confidence from Acting to help me Speak and Listen to my Peers.

As said above using my Confidence from Acting speaking and listening should come easy, I have an ability to work with others and I have a keen determination to make Change, I have Teamwork skills, Some knowledge of Politics & Current Affairs I have Leadership and Organizational Skills along with Negotiating skills and Public Speaking.

I believe all these are key to being a Youth Parliament Member, And of utmost importance I cannot wait to help the future Children of our local and Wider communities.


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