Alexia Summer John


Standing for:

Preseli Pembrokshire

My key issues are:

  • Childrens mental health and bullying

  • More girls in sports

  • Funding/fundraising for health (sepsis)

Candidate profile:

I want to be in the Welsh Youth Parliament because I can bring lots of ideas to make Wales a better place.

I will make contact with young people in my area, to make sure that they are happy and not down. I will ask them their issues and try and help them, if we can solve the problem we will, but if it can be raised in the Welsh Youth Parliament then I will raise it. I stand for my friends voices and won’t leave anyone out.

Someone should vote for me because I will always stand for people’s voices. Preseli Pembrokeshire is my home and I will fight to make it right! My skills and experience come from my family, my school and my hobbies. I’m a horse rider, this gives me determination. I am from a small village, this gives me strength. I get good grades and I’m willing to try right to the end. I have competed in the County Show, school cricket in Cardiff and have felt proud that Wales is my country when we visited the Senedd. Please choose me for election, I will be the best I can. 


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