Fairuz Tabassum


Standing for:

Cardiff Central

My key issues are:

  • Education

  • Helathcare

  • Emotional and social wellbeing

Candidate profile:

I believe that the Welsh Assembly deals with issues that will shape the future of Wales and have a significant impact on the youth. Since Wales consists of a diverse range of people from different ethnicities and backgrounds, it is essential that we see a representation of diversity in members of parliament to ensure that we create a future, which includes Welsh people as a whole.

As a young Muslim girl, I understand the importance of seeing your-self represented and I hope that this will allow people to openly voice their opinions about decisions, which affect our healthcare and education. I will try my best to ensure that the local community is consulted and to be available if any concerns are raised. I believe that I am qualified for this position as I am an active member of my school’s debating team and therefore have experience in presenting opinions about relevant legal and political issues; for example, my debate team recently took part in the RSPCA debate competition, which enabled me to research and present legal issues regarding animal welfare. I have also previously been elected as a Student Council member and therefore have experience of representing young people.


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