Ethan David Thompson


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Neutralise solvable mental health issues

  • Remove institutionalisation of school stress

  • Create a platform for life

Candidate profile:

To get straight to the point, I’ve decided to apply because of the lack of control that people my age have on society and I know I could make a huge impact by playing such pivotal role in my community.

In today’s society there is a multitude of young people with a multitude of ideas that all need to be heard, without being categorised or read as one message!

I would be honoured to hear ideas from various identities of my own generation and I know many students in schools across North Wales, however I believe that schools are too confined for a great group of young people to all be heard!

I would visit public places and landmarks and listen to every single voice that sings of a good idea or a voice that just wants to be heard, to help our own future!  

I could make an impact by not only having a sensible range of ideas myself, but I am also in the army cadet force which has helped me to attain great leadership qualities and skills relevant to any profession.

I have a high level of quiet confidence, maturity and discipline. I will make a difference.


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