Eleri Lucas


Standing for:

Cynon Valley

My key issues are:

  • Overly strict school uniform rules

  • Overpriced school uniform

  • Environmental impact on future generations

Candidate profile:

I would like to be a Welsh Youth Parliament representative because there are so many issues among minors that don’t get addressed because our voices aren’t heard enough. If I was elected I would do everything within my power to ensure that these issues are dealt with appropriately. As for all young voices being heard, I would like to make expressing an issue more accessible for youths, perhaps via the introduction of regular surveys.

I believe I should be voted for because I am an honest, caring individual who aspires to give voice to those previously unheard. I often think of myself as having a particularly outgoing personality. I am always open to hearing alternative opinions and I take great interest in debates and discussions, due to my personal belief that any opinion may be considered valid if it can be reinforced by the presentation of reason and factual evidence.


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