Elliot Harrington

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental health

  • Education

  • Free activities

Candidate profile:

I wish to be a member of the youth parliment to improve life for other children from any  background.

My main focus would be the mental welfare of children, as a child who has sufferd mental healtg issuses I know how hard it can be finding a counsellor etc. the waiting time for school counselling can last for months and this nedds to be fixed. Councils across wales should employ more councellors to help these children wich are in a state of mind which is so horrible it truly brings darkness to your day I would like to personally reach and spread the word and let people give the support to the councils to help employ more mental health staff.

My second reason would be the tne education of  children.I know how important education is and I feel that schools should be giving that exta support that individuals need.SO i would like voulenteers tko helb these individyals by running reading clubs ect.

My last reason would be fo councelks to allow more free activates to kepp all children happy,healthy and social.

You should vote for me because I have I drive and I will make lives better!


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