Rhys David

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Standing for:

Cardiff Central

My key issues are:

  • Rework of GCSE Welsh Baccalaureate 

  • Highering A&E Children’s Age

  • Teaching Children Vital Life Skills

Candidate profile:

I’m a 15 year old boy who is currently studying French, Economics and Triple Science at Cardiff High School.

I would like to be part of Welsh Youth Parliment as I am a person who knows what the community want in changes and I am here to deliver these. I am not going to pronise the world and not deliver as I see many people trying to do this, but I am going to put down 3 promises that I myself will act upon to change these problems for the better.

I will consult people by email, and if they want to submit anything to the next parliment meeting, I will happily raise the issue. I have experiance in the Cardiff High School Parliment running 3 times, being elected twice and know that I have the knowledge to help out Central Cardiff...

I am kind and generous and will listen to all problems, trying to sort these issues out. If I can do anything about it, I will do something.

I am knowledgable and want to help. My three key issues are things close to me and I know all of these are serious issues that need to be fixed.


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