Sarah Massey


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Energy drink ban

  • School uniform cost

  • Youth homelessness

Candidate profile:

Being a member of the Welsh Youth Parliament would empower me to influence and change the lives of innocent and vulnerable young people in Wales. I believe all a child needs is hope and the feeling they belong. I want to make a difference to Wales and the world. I will make personal visits to schools in my constituency. So that young people can discuss issues and I can answer any questions they may have. I will attend all meetings.

In discussions, I always contribute with answers that are helpful and feasible. I fight for what I think is right and I never give up doing this. I enjoy politics and I am on my high school's student council. I can hold a conversation with someone of any age about anything. I have been told by friends and colleagues that I am a very helpful, kind, resourceful and hardworking person.

Also, I love to work as a team, even with people who I wouldn't class as friends or acquaintances. I have shown this many times through my work in team projects in my school life and also in my participation in my high school's drama performance, out of school hours.  


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