Skye Warner

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Standing for:

Cardiff Central

My key issues are:

  • More parks and activities

  • Cheaper school bus fares

  • Mental health

Candidate profile:

I am standing for Welsh Youth Parliament as I belive I can make a positive impact for many youths not only in my local are but across the country.

I will listen to anyone about anything and without a doubt raise issues that are important to every youth across my area and as far as I can across Wales and thats a promise.

The skills and experience I have is, I have previously been elected for school council so I am used to taking into account everyones opinion about everything, I also speak Welsh and attend a Welsh school.

I am also very strong minded person and very confident. I want to make Wales a better place for everyone especially youths who don’t necesserily get taken seriously because of there age but we have a voice to and we will use it!

I will appreciate it if you vote for me:)


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