Ruvimbo Mukwenya


Standing for:

Newport East

My key issues are:

  • Overshadowed Minority Groups

  • Mental Health of Young People

  • Awareness of NHS Staff Shortages

Candidate profile:

In my opinion, the voice of wales is overpowered by other countries. Many bright ideas and insightful opinions need to be acknowledged. Becoming a Parliament Member, will allow me to turn those thoughts into action and overcome the silence.

My community works very closely, so I could arrange discussion groups where I will be able to engage with other young people. From this I will be able to collate information and be their voice.

I represented my school in the Newport inter-school debate about mental health and won "Best Debate Pair" after eloquently arguing our ideas and supporting them. This later appeared as an article in The Argus Newspaper. My sophisticated communication skills were also expressed when I was chosen to be a spokeswoman and had to present a powerful speech at the end of year 11, which motivated and encouraged the audience. In addition, as a member of the School Council, I have to be focused and reliable to fight for the ideas of the students and justify them. From this, I was instrumental in implementing a change in the Summer Uniform Policy.

I would like to transfer these skills into my role as a Youth Parliament Member.


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