Max Robertson


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • The use of illegal substances

  • Lack of involvement in sport

  • Fair payment for attending school

Candidate profile:

I want to be in the Welsh youth parliament  as I would consider myself politically argumentative and I also have a wide range of ideas I feel that will change the community in a better and more effective way. I will consult with young people in my area and ensure they're represented and their voices are heard by considering all their ideas by creating a questionnaire. This then allows me to use my written community and ICT skills which fits in to this modern society we live in.

I think I should be voted for because I am a well known and trusted person within this community due to my enthusiastic personality which is recognized when I'm first introduced. I have skills such as leadership and teamwork as I am part of a rugby team which then ensures me to take lead in what I am passionate for which also includes political viewpoints and im excellent at considering other peoples options and opinions in order to make an effective change in this community. I feel as if there is loads of problems that I can change and overcome, which makes me reliable and to fit the specification of the role.


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