Ellen Weller


Standing for:

Cardiff West

My key issues are:

  • Voting for 16-17 year olds

  • Increased funding for University students

  • Improving relevance of WBQ curriculum

Candidate profile:

If elected as a member of the youth parliament, I would show commitment and dedication to bettering the educational experience and improving the representation of my fellow students. I’m a passionate campaigner for the importance of education and the power it has to shape my own and later generations.

I have chosen to run for the youth parliament because of my passion to help the people and environment around me. I am driven by the desire to make change because improvements can always be made. My devotion to politics means I am very aware and conscious of the political climate. I’m an effective communicator so meeting and talking to people is very important to me and would be a high priority in order to best understand the issues of my constituency.

While I am a champion of social media, I think it should be used in addition to meeting people, not in place of. I will ensure that all voices are heard by talking through problems and developing solutions with my peers. Progress will be made on any issues whether it be through campaigning, fundraisers or parliament. However, I cannot achieve any of this without your support, your vote matters.


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