Rhys Sandbrook


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Healthy eating

  • Delinquency and behaviour

  • Pollution

Candidate profile:

Hi my name’s Rhys I’m 13 years old and when this opportunity came to me I told myself I was definitely going to try. I think I would fit the role , and be a good contribution to the welsh youth parliament. I will say my opinion and try to develop our country for now and for the future generation. I think my opinion could help shape my community and other communities in Wales. Please vote for me because I believe that with you as well as me we can change our country for the better. But it’s up to you. I have good skills that could also contribute. I have privellages like being able to read and to write. I like playing sports like football and I am also a big fan of running. I think that we as a country should be less violent, and more to helping others and becoming great in our pride.

Wales is a unique country , I just want to state my opinion on our system and become the best help I can.  We could improve our economical system and help with poverty in certain areas. Vote to make wales the best country ever , thanks.


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