Stella Orrin


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental health issues among the youth

  • Gender equality

  • Brexits impact on Wales’ youth

Candidate profile:

My name is Stella Orrin.

This year I have decided to run for the wales youth parliament. I decided to do this because I believe that everyone’s voice should be heard.

I am a team player, open minded, full of confidence and willing to take on board any issues the youth in my area have.

I am half French, bilingual and play rugby and cello. I have traveled extensively around Europe and I love music and festivals/concerts! (My favourite is Glastonbury).

I believe that for children of any age, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation should have the opportunity to have their voices heard. Making sure that that is possible is the main reason I decided I would run.

Last year with a some of my classmates we organised a fundraiser event, called I am Syria. I liaised with the board of governors at my school with a friend where we convinced them to go forward with the idea. The day happened at it was a great success and a substantial amount of money was raised for that cause.

Trust me, I will speak your voice.


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