Logan Wareham


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Stop pollution

  • More parks or activities

  • Cameras placed on every street

Candidate profile:

Hello, My name is Logan Wareham, I would like to be a Welsh Youth Parliament member as I would like my voice to get heard and people to listen too me.

I would go around and ask them what could wales improve on for example, they want to improve on houses I could discuss that and if the people like the idea new houses could be made.

Someone should vote me because I am a hard working person, very good at listening and I am very responsible my friends say I am very trustworthy I can be trusted with anything, I am also a very helpful person if you need help I would just help you with it I am always ready for anything , I am always respectful to friends, family, others, I'm very resilient and i will keep trying with anything.

I am a very fast writer as well, I don't know anything about politics I just want my voice to get recognized around my area, if I get chosen maybe I could learn a few things I am always concentrated on things like my work in school and things I do outside school.

Thanks,  hope you pick me.


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