Matthew Taylor


Standing for:

Vale of Clwyd

My key issues are:

  • Increased Support for Autistic Children

  • Fight against environmental vandalism

  • Stricter regulations on bullying

Candidate profile:

Ever since I was very young, I always found myself intertwined with the rectification of issues often beyond my control; I would often worry about problems faced by others, always pondering how I could make it right - given the chance.

It was only in year four, upon my nomination of school councillor, that I felt empowered in that I had a genuine voice for change. I felt as if I could grant people more than just a ploy to complain, but a right to actually make a difference for the better.

Now in year nine, I see the problems and plagues of which Wales is facing in their entirety. From the flawed mainstream schooling system toward the minority of pupils that suffer with ASD or dyspraxia leading to increased suicide rates in children all the way to the desecration of our parks and plazas; the very hearts of our communities.

The modern age has hit Wales. With our current course, we may only rebuke its effects, both positive and negative, which is why we must begin working towards bringing our nation forward, especially with the ongoing political turmoils elsewhere.


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