Aron Finnemore


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • The pressure on mental illness

  • Education on real life skills

  • Respect for the youths opinion

Candidate profile:

The future belongs to our generation and we should be allowed to voice our opinion to what may affect our future.

This is why I want to be a member so I can make sure that our voice is heard.

My top priority is to ensure that you will be updated on activities by the Welsh Youth Parliament (WYP) by posting posters and newsletters around schools and on social media.

This will give you more involvement and we can gather feedback off you so we can make a difference together.

As a confident speaker I will stand up for what is right I will ensure that there is a solution for mental health pressure, that when we leave school we do know how to build our career, buy a home or pay taxes.

I believe it's about time the youth voice is heard and taken into consideration. I have had many experiences where I've been involved in debates and have had to work as a team through rugby and coaching swimming.

I am a hard worker, confident and I have high determination for what i believe in. I will never quit on us as long as YOU stand with me.


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