Harry Parsons


Standing for:

Swansea West

My key issues are:

  • Litter

  • Mental health care (MIND) etc.

  • Recycling plastics

Candidate profile:

Hello my name is Harry Parsons and I think I should be a Youth Parliament because I think I am responsible and I will make sure that I can hear the voices of the UK and then take action and I do debates a lot and for MIND [mental health care].

I know how they feel so I know how I can help them to feel better of themselves or make then less anxious and I can also spend a lot a time on it because I do sports but not often and I will spend all my time on this and concentrate it.

I am also good at maths which will help us in the community etc, I am also very considering and if someone says something instead of just saying yes or no.

I would look in to the situation and look up if it is worth saying ok we will help this area of UK. I am also a lover of ICT.

I love typing recording and looking up facts for stuff. I want to be a Youth Parliament because I think of people so much I love it in conclusion I should be.

Thank you.


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