Seren Wonklyn


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Mental health support in schools

  • Marine life pollution in Wales

  • Compulsory Welsh Baccalaureate at A-level

Candidate profile:

I have always enjoyed and had a passion for voicing the views and opinions of those who are often overlooked.

Being a member of the NPT youth council has provided me with many transferable skills and qualities such as listening, being non judgemental, teamwork, diplomacy and respecting everyone’s views and opinions.

Also, I have enjoyed my role as a youth club volunteer and library and school mentor.

Through this work I have been lucky enough to be involved with many wonderful opportunities such as meeting the Minister for the Commonwealth, where we discussed the matters affecting the young people of Wales, and going on a residential trip to London, where I met with other youth council members from around Britain.

My passion for helping people has always been clear. I want equality and fairness for all. I want young people to be respected and their thoughts views and opinions to be listened to and discussed.

The young are this country’s future. The youth council, school and my local community have taught me that your voice can really make a difference to those around you, and this is why I am running for the Welsh Youth Parliament.  


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