Charlotte Davies

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Support for young people 

  • Lack of expression in schools 

  • Stigmas around young mental health 

Candidate profile:

I am from the constituency of Neath some of my top issues are low support of mental health in my area and lack of expression allowed in schools. I would like to be part of the Welsh Youth Parliament because I care about a lot of issues that not only affect me but other young people across Wales and hopefully this will give me a good opportunity to communicate with other young people. Another reason I would like to be part of the welsh Youth Parliament is because it will be easier to communicate to people with different or opposition views to me and come to a compromise.

Previous experience I’ve had with things like the Welsh Youth Parliament is school council (Years 2-6). I was also on the eco-committee for two years (Years 4-6) but I have not had much experience with things like this since starting comp. If I am selected to be on the Welsh Youth Parliament I will do my best to see everything from all points of view and to try and make necessary adjustments or change on the issues as long as it is within range of the Welsh Youth Parliament. 


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