Jasmine Owen


Standing for:

Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire

My key issues are:

  • The school system

  • Voting age

  • Participation in sport

Candidate profile:

Hey, my name is Jasmine Owen, I would be honoured be selected as one of Wales youth parliament members, and quite frankly I know I'm ready to take on this great responsibility.

Firstly, I am speaking from the perspective of relatively normal kid, someone who does struggle with problems and isn't the poster child, which may be hard to find in a election as such.

But I use that as a strength, knowing people can connect with me, and share their issues, which then I can transfer and make a difference. In addition I think my experience with sport, playing badminton for wales, can bring a new, fresh perspective in that region.

Evidently, when I feel passionately about something I have proven to not give up, even through incredibly tough situations.

I attend Ysgol Y Preseli, which is a bilingual school, although our lessons are mainly pursued through the welsh medium. My ability to speak two languages will help when connecting with youths in wales.

Why should you vote for someone like me?

Well, at first I may not seem like the most extraverted person, but I can ensure you, I will make a difference.

‘Because our generation is unstoppable.


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