Larry Johnson

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Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • More anti bullying school programs

  • Less homework for the kids

  • No responsible for little kids

Candidate profile:

I think that 1 reason to change a child's life is to provide more anti bullying programs 2 less homework provided 3 not to give a grown ups responsibilities to a child. number one: In every day life a lot of people gets bullied and no one likes getting bullied everyone knows that. If we have more anti bullying policies there will be hardly any but I am not saying all of them would be gone. number two: I have experience so I know when I say less homework it would be easier for the child.

If I used to have like 7 pieces of homework I would be stressed because I would think I would not finish them in time and I would get a detention. Number three I know that some children are sad or disappointed because of the things they have to do like babysitting at the age  of ten years old. The second point I pointed out that children would be stressed but if we stop this all children would have a nice relaxing time in school outside of school and even holiday's. I can help you to do whatever you need we can accomplish anything.      


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