Holly Anthony


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Exam stress/ increasing academic pressure

  • Mental health of young people

  • Lack of job opportunities

Candidate profile:

As a 16 year old, living in wales, I have become increasingly aware of the problems with our society in terms of how it treats its young population and at a time where politicians are making decisions that will directly affect this generation, I believe its time we had our say. I would love this opportunity to truly make a  difference both for myself, my peers and generations to come by listening to what the youth in my community have to say.  I intend to consult and hold regular meetings with young people from each year group in my school and discover their opinions on what needs to be changed in our community and Wales as a whole and possibly bring in initiatives to make the place in which we live a better place for all.

I volunteer with the Riding for the Disabled association where I work with young people with a whole manner of disabilities and would like to use this platform to give them a voice and hear their opinions on what they would like to see happen in Wales.  My experience on my school's council will help me fight young people's corner, making Wales, our Wales.


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