John Jacques


Standing for:

Newport West

My key issues are:

  • Condition of Welsh Schools

  • University Fees

  • Minimum wage for young workers 

Candidate profile:

Hello, I’m John Jacques.

I am a hard working and passionate school boy who enjoys music, poetry, philosophising and, of course Politics! I believe that I am a student who has enough passion and conviction to put across mine, and the highly regarded views and opinions of young people in my local constituency.

As for my personal views, there are many. Some of the main things I would like to see change for young people in Wales include: education; What actions the government has in place to tackle bullying; Raising the minimum wage for young people in Wales and abolishing University tuition fees. I am certain, however, that I am not the only one who feels strongly about these issues as they affect every single young person in Wales.

Nevertheless I feel that these issues are particularly close to my heart and to be frank I feel that I am the apt candidate to present these issues to the Parliament. I have a keen interest and understanding of politics. I also have experience of working with a local councillor to help canvassing, and have been involved in school politics having been a member of the School Council and Eco Committee. 


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