Emma Botevyle


Standing for:


My key issues are:

  • Child poverty

  • Not enough hospitals

  • Health

Candidate profile:

I want to be a member of the youth parliament because I believe that I can speak for all of Llanelli and help prevent a lot of problems in a Childs everyday life such as child abuse. I will consult with young people in my area by creating a website that they can write their ideas on and if that want to give some tips on how we can improve something and then I will say those ideas in the gatherings/meetings.

I think someone should vote for me because I can make sure everyone's voice is heard and I will always try and see others point of view even if u don't agree with them and I can help children like me get a good education but fun also that they deserve.

The skills of mine that will be useful is that a have a loud clear voice and I know a lot about the environment so I can help make decisions that can help children but also help the environment at the same time. I have been apart of an eco committee and digital leaders so I can use those skills to benefit others children and adults alike


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