Cameron Edwards


Standing for:

Vale of Glamorgan

My key issues are:

  • Mental Health Awareness In Schools

  • Equal Funding For Vale Students

  • Skills Based Subjects In School

Candidate profile:

Hey, I'm Cameron, I'm 17 years old, love video games, dogs and sleep. Here are my key issues that I will focus on if you vote for me :)

My first key issue is mental health awareness in schools. As someone who has personal experience with this I have realized that simply not enough is being done to support people. If you vote for me I will ensure that extra efforts are made to help people with mental health problems.

My next key issue is equal funding for students in schools in the Vale. Did you know you are funded £606 less than the rest of young people in Wales per year? This is totally unfair and if I am elected I will certainly try to speak some sense into the Welsh government.

My final issue is to encourage the government to implement skills-based subjects in schools. We are currently made to do Welsh Bacc which no one in school likes. We could be learning how to pay taxes, do first aid and much much more.

Thank you for reading and if you like what I have said then don't forget to vote for me for the Welsh Youth Parliament.


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