Jonathan Michael Walters


Standing for:

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

My key issues are:

  • Make school start at 10AM.

  • More lessons on financing.

  • Discuss 16 year olds' right-to-vote

Candidate profile:

School should be designed for the pupils to learn more about their passions and be taught how to survive and prosper in the outside world. Instead we have a boring, stressful mess where most things we're taught will be completely forgotten about. I recognize this and would like to be the voice of anyone frustrated with certain aspects of the schooling system. For example it's been proven that teenagers naturally go to bed later; not because we're all rebels but because of hormonal upsets from puberty. On top of this we need more sleep than adults because we're developing. This isn't a problem until school is in the equation, which starts at 9 am. The majority of kids are sleep deprived with under 7 hours a night which affects concentration and LOWERS GRADES. The simple fix is to make school start an hour later.    

I believe you should vote for me over other candidates on the basis that I will fight for the changes we need. With your votes and my persuasion and articulating skills we can fix the school system in Wales and get an edge over the rest of the UK. We're going to Make Wales Great Again!


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